Manhay (in Walloon MANHE ) is a common speaking of Belgium located in the Walloon region in the province of Luxembourg , and a place where there administration.

Description of the town 

The commune of Manhay is entirely in the Ardennes . 60% of the territory is covered by forest. The primary sector (agriculture – forestry) occupies about 30% of the working population of the commune. The altitude varies from 180 meters ( Roche-à-Frêne ) to 643 meters (woods near the Baraque de Fraiture ). The Aisne takes its source in the commune on the plateau of the Tailles , enters the town of Erezée and then makes a short passage in the commune at Roche – à – Frêne .

The E25 motorway crosses the eastern part of the commune from north to south. The outputs 48bis, 49 and 50 are located at the limit of the commune.


The commune of Manhay has 6 sections, all except Vaux-Chavanne include several villages or hamlets:

  • Dochamps  : Forge-à-l’Aplé , Freyneux , Lamorménil
  • Grandménil  : Chêne-al’Pierre , Lafosse , Manhay (head office)
  • Harre  : Harre Field , Deux-Rys , Fays , La Fange , Roche-à-Frêne
  • Malempré  : Xhout-si-Plout
  • Odeigne  : Oster
  • Vaux-Chavanne

There is also a village called Manhay, which gave its name to the commune but which is not a section but a locality located in the section of Grandménil.


Border towns edit change the code ]

The municipality is bounded to the north and east by the province of Liège .

Next towns of Manhay
Durbuy Ferrières  · Stoumont
Érezée Manhay Lierneux
Rendeux La Roche-en-Ardenne Holiday Rentals Vielsalm

Heraldry edit change the code ]

Coat of arms of Manhay.svg
The municipality has coats of arms.
Blazon  : Argent to a head-and-neck of deer sand docked and supported by three lozenges of azure, to the chief Gules three leaves of golden oak laid in pal and rows.
  • Municipal deliberation: 3 October 1995
  • Executive Order of the Community: March 28, 1996
Source of the blazon: Lieve Viaene-Awouters and Ernest Warlop , Coat of arms of Belgium, Walloon, Brussels and German-speaking communes , t.  2: Walloon municipalities MZ, Brussels municipalities, German-speaking municipalities , Brussels, Dexia,.

Demography edit change the code ]

It , 3 550 inhabitants (1 843 men and 1 707 women) 2 , ie a population density of 29.61 inhabitants / km 2 for a total area of 119.91 km 2 .

The following chart shows the population resident in the st January of each year:

The figures for the years 1846, 1900 and 1947 take into account the figures of the former municipalities merged.

Location of the village edit change the code ]

The village of Manhay, which was not a commune before the merger of the municipalities, is situated at the crossroads of several national roads: N.30 ( Liège – Bastogne ), N.806 (Manhay- Bomal ) and N.651 (Manhay- Basse-Bodeux ). There is the communal house, a secondary school (the Athénée Royal of Manhay-Vielsalm) and several shops.

Famous inhabitants edit change the code ]

  • Jean-Théodore-Hubert Jacques was born in Dochamps in 1799. Since 1814 he was a municipal secretary and then a collector of several communes and a provincial official. In 1830, he was appointed Charles Rogier to serve as district commissioner for Marche-en-Famenne. Elected member of the National Congress, he will be the last survivor of his death in 1894. He still sits in the Chamber from 1831 to 1833 and from 1848 to 1857, while holding the post of Marche district commissioner from 1830 to 1848 and provincial councilor of Luxembourg from 1836 to 1848 3 .
  • Antoine Duquesne (1941-2010), former Minister of State from the commune, was also the burgomaster.
  • The singer and musician Flemish rock Daan has chosen to live there. One of his albums (2009) is titled Manhay in tribute to the municipality.
  • Olivier Werner , football player, is from Manhay.


Public transport: The municipality is served by bus 1011 Liège – Bastogne – Arlon – Athus.

In 2001, in the old hermitage of Saint-Antoine in Fays (Harre), the town was set up as a reception center for asylum seekers of the Red Cross.

In 2013, 68 years after the end of the Second World War , the municipality finally received from the Belgian State the war damages to which it was entitled. It has received more than 6 million euros 4 .

  • The Parc Chlorophylle , a recreational park devoted to the forest environment, is located in Dochamps.

Security and Rescue

The town is part of police zone Famenne-Ardenne for services policy , and the Luxembourg emergency area for service firefighters . The single number for these services is 112.